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TieGuai: African Immortal of Taoism

Tieguai, one of the Nine Immortals of Taoism, was an accomplished martial artist. Known as the Iron Staff Immortal. He was African who lived during China’s Golden Age.

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Read: Our African Unconscious by Edward Bruce Bynum, PhD.
The Black Origins of Mysticism and Psychology

Chinese Roots Lie in Africa, Research Says (New York Times)

Episode 214 – World Reading Club [W[R]C]

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All right our african unconscious we have kiegwai one of the nine immortals of taoism kierguai one of the nine immortals of taoism or taoism was an accomplished martial artist known as the iron staff immortal

He lived during china’s golden age you’re listening to african immortal of taoism presented by hakeem alibokus alexander on spreaker social podcasting and callin social podcasting

Presented for world reading club in association with worldreadingclub.com exercisingyourmind.com and uniquilibrium this edition’s reading focus comes to us from our african unconscious

The black origins of mysticism and psychology by edward bruce bynum phd we’re going to be looking at and reading the section about china it’s short and it gives a little bit of information about one of the nine immortals of taoism

Tieguai or li tieguai and I’m putting this note here there’s not a whole lot of information about this online very few things point to this origin and so this is a good note for this here

This is on page 56 diaspora or the great dispersion china during the first millennium bce and even before there were emergent and then submergent civilizations in the middle east

China and india several of which were prior to the aryans an african presence is found in these early centers black mongolian horsemen can be discerned in some of the sculptures and reliefs of the east

Some skeletal remains appear africoid while the african type has mostly faded away in china it is significant to note that in the chinese legends of divine dynasties

The first king of china fu xi or fu he was described as black with woolly hair he and his family are believed to have ruled from 29 53 to 28 38 bce an entire dynasty

The shang dynasty was described as ruled by blacks from 1766 to 1100 bce the chu who conquered them described them as having black skin and the moso with whom the shang fought described them as black men

One of the roots of this african extension into china is associated with the group of people and language family known as the bach family the language and people of the bach

Or bac b-a-k right immigrated into china around 22 82 bce to the banks of the low river in shenzhen their leader was the legendary yu nai huang ti a primary figure in taoist philosophy

However he was really a leader and represents a family of peoples these peoples were racially and ethnically descended from the black populations of the elamites and akkadians of mesopotamia

This is based on archaeological and philological data and has been quietly known for over a century what is rather interesting is that these elements of mesomerian west asian civilization

Who brought a well defined sociopolitical structure writing philosophy and economic processes to china also brought a system of moral and ethical and spiritual philosophy that is at the root of diverse mystical systems

By 2000 bce the xia dynasty had texts in which aspects of the qing or book of changes could be found elements of the pre cuneiform writing style of the meso sumerians of mesopotamia can be discerned

The yi qing shows a striking similarity to certain fragments of texts from the library of asher banapal where it is identified with the ancient king of sipar in mesopotamia

This text of the antediluvian king en medaranki or so called tablet of destiny was found around the present day area of iraq and is believed by many to be the root

Or even identical to the great e qing the original text of the tablet of death is thought to have been composed in 2800 bce when we discuss the african mystical and religious systems

We will see how this ying with its binary system of 64 permutations or hexagrams is intimately associated with the system of the mesopotamian essene sects and the west african system of ifa

Needless to say the yi qing has profoundly influenced chinese thought and civilization but this influence is also echoed in the other spiritual traditions of china

If one looks at the tight curly hair and many of the facial features of the early representations of the buddha they are quite african in appearance

As are the figures and early representatives of the south indian krishna and mahavira of the jains indeed the martial arts first appear in china around 1500 bce

But do not become well known until they are taught to the shaolin monks in southern china by the monk bodhidharma aka talmo an indian of dravidian ancestry

He like tiguai was a great teacher talmo was the founder and first patriarch of qian or zen buddhism who introduced the foundations of the martial arts to

The shaolin monks of southern china’s songshan province born in 440 ce in the southern indian kingdom of palava he lived in one of the oldest cities

Kanchi his integration of martial techniques breathing exercises and philosophy of qi energy helped establish shaolin chuanfa or temple boxing these and innumerable other facts and artifacts

Document a distinct african presence in ancient china and ancient asia that had a profound influence on the development of that civilization it is not that china was a

Black civilization not at all only that it had elements of an african presence at the foundation genetic and psychic just as did the civilizations of mesopotamia

Tiaguai one of the nine immortals of taoism tiaguai was an accomplished martial artist known as the iron staff immortal he lived during china’s golden age

I’m going to see if I can find an image of it because he really looks like a black dude here in the image that I have in this book which is our african unconscious

The black origins of mysticism and psychology by edward bruce bynum a great book if anybody wants to study more about history and mysticism it’s a fantastic read

And there’s also something that I want to say about that I learned of years ago there was a chinese geneticist who was attempting to distinguish that the chinese had

Completely evolved and developed independently from all of the races in the world and wanted to show that the chinese were a distinct race that developed independently from

All other races in the world and actually discovered that they were mostly descendants of africans so let’s see chinese geneticists discovered african teens in china

Let me see if I can pull that up here on google chinese roots lie in africa research says this is from the los angeles times september 29 1998 the headline here or 1998

It says most of the modern population of china has its genetic origins in africa according to research released today let’s see take a look here this is from the los angeles times

By robert lee hawks it says most of the population of modern china one fifth of all the people living today owes its genetic origins to africa an international scientific team said today in research that undercuts any claims that modern humans may have originated independently in china

In the search for human origins in which political beliefs and pride of place can figure as prominently as fossil evidence the genetic findings dramatically illustrate the intricate

Weave of prehistoric migrations and human evolution the scientists said published today in the proceedings of the national academy of sciences the study is the product of the chinese human genome diversity project

A consortium of seven major research groups in the people’s republic of china and the human genetics center at the university of texas health science center at houston

It was funded by the national natural science foundation of china so detailed genetic profiles created I’m not going to read through the rest of that right now

But I’m going to put the link in the show notes here on spreaker and possibly on column but that’s it for now african immortal of taoism tieguay or lee tieguay

You’ve been listening to african immortal of taoism lia tieguay presented by hakeem alibokis alexander on spreaker social podcasting and colin social podcasting

Presented for world reading club in association with worldreadingclub.com exercisingyourmind.com and uniquilibrium this edition’s reading focus came to us from our african unconscious the black origins of mysticism and psychology by edward bruce bynum

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