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The AI Author’s Guide: How to Write a Book with Artificial Intelligence

The AI Author’s Guide

Artificial Intelligence has been a part of our lives for much longer than many of us realize or care to admit, and it will remain even as humanity is extinguished from or leaves this planet in search of a new home.

You do not have to embrace artificial intelligence in creative works as I and many others do. You don’t have to be told this, or that you do not have to accept AI in any way at all. However, embrace or oppose, you must understand and accept that AI is something you should at least have some understanding of. This writing is simply one such artifact that I present to you in its naked transparency so that you can examine it without any questions concerning the origin. It was manufactured completely from the mind of a robot. It is shared with you by a human. At least I believe I mostly am.

Opponents of AI creativity can use the familiarity with these AI fingerprints to identify writing that others claim as their own. I also hope that this disclosure will encourage those who embrace AI creativity (I include myself in this category) to use AI as a tool, and NOT as the sole author of the work they attach their names to.

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