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Tarot Movie UnOfficial Companion Book – The Cursed Tarot: Haunted Cards and Their Dark Secrets

Final Book TitleTarot of the Damned: The Curse That Haunts the Cards“.

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Listen to “Tarot Movie – The Cursed Tarot: Haunted Cards and Their Dark Secrets” on Spreaker.

For fans of the film, enthusiasts of tarot, or those fascinated by the supernatural, “Tarot of the Damned” promises to deepen your understanding and heighten your experience of the mystery.

A Guide for Occult Researchers & Horror Fans.

In these pages, you will uncover the rich tapestry of stories and legends that have given life to the tarot over centuries. You will meet the figures behind the cards, understand the nature of the curses they carry, and perhaps learn how such ancient items can still resonate in the modern heart with such terrifying clarity. This book is your companion through the dark—both the dark of the theater and the deeper darkness that the film “Tarot” explores.

Tarot Movie Official Trailer

This book aims to enrich your viewing experience by delving into the symbolism, history, and folklore of the tarot, exploring how they echo throughout the film’s plot and potentially, in the shadows of your own life. “Tarot of the Damned” is not merely a guide but an invitation: to peer closer into the shadows that dance behind the celluloid and to grasp the meanings that lurk behind each symbolic image portrayed in the haunting deck. It’s crafted for the curious souls who, upon witnessing the cinematic tale, feel the stir of curiosity about the origins and powers of the tarot cards, depicted as both a tool and a tormentor.

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