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About the author Hakeem Ali-Bocas Alexander

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Described as having a “dry and questionable sense of humor”, Hakeem Ali-Bocas Alexander was Born in Queens, New York, and has lived in Hangzhou, China; Miami, Florida, Hollywood, California, and Virginia Beach, Virginia. He is a nomadic, business owner and entertainer struggling and hustling to build, work, dream, and create – with and for others.

Cryptic messages like “The trees are taller where the land is earlier. And if the trees are taller where a Knight has fallen – there I do not carry my lamp” have come from his lucid dreams. The song lyrics “Blame the world if you wish, but counting tears will not make you rich” have also come from this ephemeral realm of his mind.

When she was on this earth, Flor Elizabeth Carrasco allowed him to marry her and made him “The most balanced soul in existence” he claimed. Now, after her passing, he can be heard rumbling against creation and mumbling Haiku. “Although the Sun shines / Upon our perfect garden / All that blooms must die“.

Hakeem refuses to find a niche and stick with it, understands very little about genres and categories, and will remain “Hak of all trades”.

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