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Exorcism Scripts for Spiritual Cleansing in Fictional Worlds (Latin & English)

Exorcist Father Alvarez stood in the dimly lit room, holding his crucifix high. "In the name of Christ, I command you to leave this soul and return to the depths of hell!" he intoned, his voice unwavering despite the eerie sounds emanating from the possessed girl. The demon writhed and snarled, but Father Alvarez stood firm, pushing the evil spirit out with the power of his faith and the ancient words of the exorcism ritual. Finally, with a guttural scream, the demon departed, leaving the girl collapsed on the floor, her eyes now clear and peaceful. As Father Alvarez knelt to pray for her recovery, he knew that his battle against the forces of darkness would never truly be over.

Bear in mind that this is purely a work of fiction and created for entertainment purposes.

Script One

Latin Version:
Ex Spiritus Malevoli, te coniuro et impero,
Recede a loco et corpore, quo nunc habitas,
Per virtutem verborum antiquorum et potentiam ignota,
Tibi mando: Abi! Abi! Abi!
Lumine sancto te aduro, in nomine veritatis,
Ut purificetur locus et anima pristina restituatur.
Fiat lux, et tenebrae discedant!

English Translation:
From the Malevolent Spirit, I conjure and command you,
Depart from the place and the body, in which you now dwell,
By the power of ancient words and unknown might,
I command you: Go! Go! Go!
By the sacred light, I scorch you, in the name of truth,
So that the place may be purified and the original soul restored.
Let there be light, and let the darkness flee!

Remember, this is purely creative and should not be taken as a real invocation or ritual.

Script Two

Latin Version:
Spiritum obscurum, te revoco abysso terrae,
In hac hora, virtute caeli, te exorcizo.
Flamma purificatrice, spiritum hunc arce,
Exire te iubeo, o creature nocturnae.
Per lux sancta, per crucem et aquam benedictam,
Ab hoc corpore, ab hac anima, recede in pace.
Ad locum tuum redi, nullum malum hic relinqui.
Vade, vade, vade, in nomine pacis et lucis.

English Translation:
Dark spirit, I call you back from the earth’s abyss,
In this hour, by the power of the heavens, I exorcize you.
By the purifying flame, ward off this spirit,
I command you to leave, o creature of the night.
By the holy light, by the cross and blessed water,
From this body, from this soul, depart in peace.
Return to your place, let no evil remain here.
Go, go, go, in the name of peace and light.

Yet another fictional exorcism spell for your imaginative needs:

Script Three

Latin Version:
In nomine luminis et veritatis aeternae,
Te, spiritus iniqui, ad tenebras revocamus.
Auctoritate caelorum, te adiuro,
Ut pacem reddas et silentium.
Per circulum ignis et aquae sanctae,
Tuum vinculum ad hanc animam dissolvimus.
Exorcizo te, entitas obscura, exire cum pace,
Neque retinere, neque nocere possis.
Virtute divina, te repulsum esse mandamus.
In aeternam, vade, liberata sit haec anima.

English Translation:
In the name of light and eternal truth,
We call you, malignant spirit, back to the darkness.
By the authority of the heavens, we adjure you,
To restore peace and quiet.
Through the circle of fire and holy water,
We dissolve your bond to this soul.
We exorcise you, dark entity, to leave with peace,
Neither to hold on nor to harm.
By divine virtue, we command you to be repelled.
Into eternity, go, let this soul be liberated.

Remember, this is a piece of creative writing and not meant for actual use.

Hakeem Ali-Bocas Alexander
UniquilibriuM, LLC MultiMedia Publishing

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