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Twin Sepulchers (Scripted Dialogue for Actors) by Hakeem Ali-Bocas Alexander

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Setting: A dimly lit living room barely touched since the accident. A couch sits in the middle, facing a cold fireplace. Two cups of tea, long gone cold, rest on the coffee table, untouched. It’s late evening.


– **James:** The father, early 30s, disheveled, wearing a day’s worth of anguish on his face.

– **Clara:** The mother, early 30s, equally worn out, her eyes red from crying, clutching a small teddy bear.

[The dialogue begins with both sitting on opposite ends of the couch, a gulf of unsaid words between them.]

**Clara:** (voice barely above a whisper) It’s too quiet, James. It’s never been this…silent.

**James:** (nods, staring at the ground) I know. I keep thinking I’ll hear them. I keep waiting for…anything. (pauses) This silence is deafening.

**Clara:** (a tear rolls down her cheek) We were just going to the store. It was supposed to be quick. (voice breaks) Why didn’t we… (can’t finish the sentence)

**James:** (anguish in his voice) Because we thought it’d be okay. We always buckle up, we… (his voice trails off, overcome with guilt) We just didn’t think. 

**Clara:** (suddenly agitated) But we should have! We’re their parents, James. It was our job to think for them, to protect them. (angrily) You were so sure it’d be fine.

**James:** (raises his voice, defensive) And you agreed! It wasn’t just on me, Clara. We both decided. We both thought it’d be okay for one short trip.

**Clara:** (sobbing) But it wasn’t okay. Our babies… (her voice is choked by grief) Our babies paid for our mistake.

**James:** (breaking down) I know, I know. I can’t… (pauses, struggling for breath) I can’t stop seeing it. I can’t forgive myself. (looks at Clara, tears streaming down his face) And I wouldn’t blame you if you can’t forgive me either. 

**Clara:** (softens, the anger dissipating as quickly as it had arrived) And what about you? Can you…forgive me? I was their mother. I should’ve…

**James:** (interrupts, reaching for her hand) No, Clara. This… This torturing ourselves, it isn’t what they would have wanted. We’re in this together. We made a decision together. (sighs deeply) And we’ll live with this…together.

**Clara:** (grips his hand, seeking solace) How do we live with this, James? How do we get past something like this?

**James:** (shrugs, words heavy with sorrow) I don’t know. I really don’t. All I know is, we can’t let it tear us apart. They wouldn’t want that.

**Clara:** (leans into him, a sad resolve in her tone) Then we…we try. For them. (looks up at James) For us.

[They sit in silence, the only sound is their shared grief, as the curtain falls.]

(Scene End)

Hakeem Ali-Bocas Alexander

Managing Director | UniquilibriuM, LLC.

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