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Lucid Dreamers in UniquilibriuM: Defying All Authority

The Inner Rebel is not a troublemaker or a destroyer; it is a catalyst for change. It challenges the norm, questions the established order, and sparks a revolution of the mind. By awakening this rebel within, we tap into our true potential and become the architects of our destiny.

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To become a true rebel dreamer, one must first understand the importance of self-discipline. It is not about conforming to societal norms or blindly following rules imposed by others. Instead, it is about developing an inner compass that guides us towards our true desires and aspirations. By practicing physical self-discipline like yoga and martial arts, we can become the masters of our own destiny, capable of defying any form of external authority that inhibits our personal growth.

First published on UniquilibriuM – Now available on Amazon Kindle

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