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Decoding the Origins of Volac / Valak: UniquilibriuM’s Demonology Handbook

In my personal experience, demons are not necessarily to be feared, just as what most people consider to be their opposites – angels – are not necessarily to be respected. These labels are given to these entities in order for us to feel like we have some form of understanding or control.

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The first encounter I can recall at this time with the demon Volac was in “The Daemon Tarot” by Ariana Osborne that I purchased from Barnes & Noble when it was released in 2013. I never gave much thought to it even though the deck was very helpful in bringing hidden information about myself to light through introspection. In the same year (2013) Volac was named in “The Conjuring” movie with the spelling “Valak”, but I did not make the connection until this year (2023) when I decided to search online for the name of the demon that took the form of “The Nun”. Even then, I did not find much information about it in any readily available texts, including the comprehensive 1967 book “A Dictionary of Angels – including the fallen angels” by Gustav Davidson. I thought it would be a good resource to find Volac, or one of its other names because this is how I learned that a word I heard in a close encounter with another entity was the name of a demon called Nergal.

In Decoding the Origins of Volac: UniquilibriuM’s Demonology Handbook, my intention may be unlike others in the field of Paranormal Research and Metaphysical Science. Where some take up demonology, or other related practices to have influence, power, and control over supernatural entities, my eternal goal is to empower myself and others so that we have the option available to decide whether or not it is appropriate to hunt, or to defend. I agree that it is more useful to be a Warrior in a Garden than to be a Gardener in a War.

Excerpts from Decoding the Origins of Volac: UniquilibriuM’s Demonology Handbook by

Hakeem Ali-Bocas Alexander

I previously recorded a podcast about Volak titled “Finding Valak: Hunting the Demon in the Nun” that you can listen to here ->VALAK PodCast<-

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